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We are a Minecraft PVP server. We created Conflict due to not being able to find a new server with the same qualities as the other ones that we loved.

75 slot server (room for expanding)

- McMyAdmin for maintaining the server
- 3 unique (joinable) factions
* The Empire
* The Felmarsh
* The Hellborn
(room for expansion)
- Admin events hosted weekly (Could be more frequent)
* Random adventures
* Gyrocopter supply drops

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Happy Holidays From Conflict

HAPPY HOLIDAYS… Wow that was a little short… Kind of like it was spur of the moment with no planning… *Ahem* Well anyways we are back and settling down into 1.0, the event hall is now finished and when we get some people on Skar will host an event! Prizes and More! Oh and a ho ho ho and all that jazz.

How you can help the server….

You can help us out if you want to by clicking on the buttons on the left and voting for the server, or recommending it via Google+ and commenting on the server in those places.

This space is reserved for our official picture. Seeing as we don’t have one yet you get a picture of a Jellyfish. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :P

This space is reserved for our official picture. Seeing as we don’t have one yet you get a picture of a Jellyfish. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :P

The Lore of Conflict

The Story so far… 

The First Era was marked with the establishment of the God King Skarbonius’ city of Khronos, the Elven kingdom of Solaris, the Dwarven Fortress city of Orzammar, and the Human lands of Tandria. Throughout the first era, wars were fought against the Elves and the Dwarves over snide comments between the Elven King Klous and the Dwarven Leader Killer.

Many brave Elves perished in the traps of the conniving dwarf mastermind Sorren, whose intellect helped defend the halls of Orzammar from Elven invasion for many years to come. At the height of its power, Solaris’ army swelled to ranks outnumbering that of the Dwarves, and a mass invasion was imminent. Although the traps of Orzammar would prove to be irritating to the Elven army, the Dwarves were ill equipped for war at this time, and would most certainly be felled by the encroaching Elven Bowmen. On the eve before battle, Lord Killer founded the religion of Skarism, in a hope that with prayer to the mighty warrior god Skarbonius, he would grant them the strength they needed to withstand the Elven assault. His prayers were not in vain, for the following morning Skarbonius appeared before the defending Dwarves and granted them the mystical knowledge of TNT, and told them the story of the creeper, and if one were to follow the way of the creeper, and extract its ashes, it would prove a valuable weapon to them, one that no Elven bow could outmatch. As the Elven army approached, Sorren detonated TNT mines which he had placed on the field before battle, and the explosions blew the Elven legion back to Solaris, and ruptured the earth between Orzammar and Solaris to create a massive crater, which Skarbonius would fill with the tears of dead Elves to remind the Dwarves of their mighty victory that day.

The era ended when the Humans and the Dwarves created a temporary military pact, to sack and plunder the city of Solaris. With their city gone, the Elves moved on to form a new city far to the east.

This kingdom, though much weaker than the former land of Solaris, was ruled by a series of Elves, such as Jyrome the jumpy, who attempted established the city of Faldrin, which in the Elven tounge meant “cluster of trees”. Consequentially, under the rule of the new Elven ruler, Baker the unruly, masses of trees were planted throughout the city and were used as homes, as well as a means of defense. Whenever invading Humans from the west would try to plunder the city, they would find themselves tangled up in a web of trees, sometimes staying there for days while the Elves laughed at their funny human facial features. 

For the remainder of the second era, wars were fought between the Dwarves and the Humans, while the Elves attempted to re-establish themselves as a superpower. Skarbonius granted several Dwarves and Humans the right to their own lands, and thus Findus was founded. Far to the north, a fat plump human with a scraggly beard who smelled rather foul, named Chuck, established a kingdom far to the north named Norssia, many of his subjects died due to food shortages, the deadly cold winters, and at times excessive sheep shagging. 

In the late years of the second era however, everything was to change. An ominous shadow fell upon the realm, and in Khronos, city of the god Skarbonius, a magical spark ignited in the air, and where once stood a grand plaza where Khronian servants to the God King Skarbonius could live their lives without fear, a colossal gate to a wretched far off land opened, and out through the gate came the Hellborn.

The Hellborn were demonic beings, whose hatred for all life lead them to construct these gates to purge entire worlds of all life, leaving it as a barren wasteland void of any magical energy. For the Hellborn were also in-tune with the flow of magic, which they craved more than any substance any creature had lusted for in the past. Wherever a magical presence was felt strongest by the Hellborn, their gates lead them there so that they may absorb all the energy the world has to offer, and destroy all life in their paths. It was because of the God Skarbonius’ radiance of magical energy that the gate was able to find it’s way to the Realm of Conflict, dooming his realm to death by the hands of these vile abominations.

The Elves were the first to be attacked after the fall of Khronos, and they were nearly obliterated, leaving only a fraction of their once vast empire alive. The only survivors were the Elves who rather than fight and die, chose to flee. Baker the Unruly however, during the last hours of his reign led a hopeless defense of the city, and was the very last Elf left in the halls. Barely breathing, the Hellborn chose to teach a lesson to those who may try and resist, hauling Baker to their uncouth lairs in the former citadel of Khronos, where on top of a once glorious wizards tower, they performed their vile magics on him, mutating his Elven form into a demonic husk. He had been transformed into a creature of nightmare, a Hellborn/Elven hybrid.

Those who fled, reconciled with their past Human enemies, and found refuge in the land of Tandria, where a growing fear gripped the population that they would be next on the Hellborn’s devious list of extermination. This sanctuary was not long to last however, for the endless Hellborn armies soon overran the Human cities of Tandria, as well as the frozen wastes of Norssia, far to the north. It is said that in the frozen halls of Norssia, Baker with his new found power lead his new Hellborn minions in a massacre of the settlement, tearing it to ruin, and slaying Chuck on his throne of ice. Meanwhile, Findus, the land of the tinkerers and ingenious engineers, was soon also overrun, unable to hold against the numberless Hellborn. The remainder of the Elves, the Humans, and Findians fled to the ironclad capital of the Dwarven kingdom, Orzammar. The ancient fortress city withstood attacks against Hellborn for many years, but finally the enemy amassed such an army that no sword, bow, or axe could possibly defeat.

Meanwhile, the god Skarbonius had survived the besiegement of his once grand city, and gazed upon the hell wrought contraptions which poured non-stop reinforcements of the Hellborn into the lands he had ruled over as a God. Weakened by the absorption of his Godly magics, and grievous at the thought that it was because of his power that so much harm had been done to his people, Skarbonius visited his stouthearted subjects in Orzammar, Telling the King of the dwarves Killer, and the High Tinkerer Darknim his plans to win the war, and drive the Hellborn back from his lands. Soon the dye was cast, and the plan took its course. Skarbonius had told his subjects that all of the Hellborn in the realm were going to attack Orzammar, and left them with the words “Follow the way of the creeper”. Sorren was unfortunately killed by the Hellborn during their assault on Khronos, but his favorite student, Darknim, realized that Skarbonius willed Orzammar to be piled high with explosives, as a trap Sorren would have once made. When the Hellborn armies entered the city, it would explode on top of them, ahnilating their accursed armies. The inhabitants of the city fled it through secret tunnels, and when the Hellborn came into the fortress to find it empty, Darknim remotely detonated the explosives using the mystical magics of Redstone with which he had been experimenting with. At the exact same moment as Orzammar had exploded, Skarbonius used the remainder of his powers to destroy the Hell gates, eviscerating the Hellborn’s supply route to their homelands, leaving them no reinforcements, and no hope of escape. The end of the war marked the dusk of the second era, And the dawn of the third era.

The survivors of the cataclysmic war decided that to mark this occasion in time, they would band together, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Norssians, and create a coalition of their former peoples into one Empire. They followed their god Skarbonius into a new land, lush with life, and teeming with swamp lands. The Empire quickly set up settlements, and formed scouting parties to search for any threats. Unfortunately, these scouting parties delved too deep into the swamps and were discovered by marshy monstrosities known as the Femarsh, who lived in barbaric villages in the swamps, and fed off of all the scouts which they had captured before them. Disgusted and terrified, the Empire abruptly declared war on the Reptilian monsters which had already begun to attack settlements on the borders of the swamp, massacring dozens and feeding off of their flesh like forsaken vultures picking off the bones of a carcass. A new war had begun.

Meanwhile, Baker and many other Hellborn crawled out of the ruins of Orzammar being one of the few to survive the explosion. Though weakened tremendously and cut off from their route to their home world, they decided to follow the stench of magic emanating from the Empire in their new lands. For as long as they lived, they thirsted to complete their ultimate scheme and bring death and destruction to all. That is the story far. The Second Era has come to an end, leaving thousands dead, and a world in ruin. What happens in the Third Era….Only YOU can decide.